Monday, September 6, 2010


twenty days in belgium! about...1/16th done with my year here..interesting! today was just a normal monday. was up pretty late last night, so waking up for language class was hard. i think i am going to start showering at night because the extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning make me feel better than the extra 30 minutes the night before would..wait does that even make sense? i'm not sure. anyways i went to language class and i learned how to ask someone if they were married and/or had kids. useful, right? then i ate lunch with the girl from brazil and met my class for the afternoon classes. today i had ENGLISH (!!!), science, and music. believe it or not i really enjoyed english was SO easy, kind of funny! apparently this years goal is to learn how about going to the telling the doctor in english what hurts and stuff, hahaha. then they have till april to read ONE book in english and thats about it. i realized that most people that speak really good english just don't have any confidence about it..such as my music friends speak fluent english to me give or take a few words, but in class i think they get intimidated, i don't know. kind of like how i am starting to understand more and more dutch but i can't speak it..or don't want to speak it and pronounce it wrong. anyways after talking to the class in english for like ten minutes it was time for science. i think it is cell biology class, from what i can tell, because he showed pictures of cells and wrote down the equation for photosynthesis. but it was all in dutch so i stopped listening after five minutes and read my book. then while reading my book and tuning out the dutch i got really tired. i think i slept through about 15 minutes of that class. then we went to music class which was actually kind of fun. i think it would be called like "small ensemble" class in the US or something, because there were five of us attempting to play some jazz song then an irish jig which was really quite fun. after school i went with two new (and very nice) friends from my class to get ice cream!!! yay!
So that was my day. Same thing tomorrow only different classes. Bye for now!

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  1. Jaime! Love the blog - happened to see it on your facebook page. Looks like you're learning a lot - and having some fun, too I hope! All carbs all the time sounds good to me. : )

    Cara Christensen