Sunday, September 19, 2010


day thirty two! lets see..woke up really late, cleaned my room, at a muffin, then made some LEMON BARS! they turned out pretty well actually! then my host family's nephew and his friend from south africa were are in town so we ate chinese and then went down to the fabulous Turnhout night-scene until about 3am or so. the only thing worth mentioning about tonight is that while we were at some "cafe" some guy came around with free beer (of course i didn't drink is disgusting) and then the cousin that we were with got hit in the face with a waffle..only in belgium, right? pictured below is a nice self-timer shot of my night. three south africans and myself...only courtney lives here for the year...and the other two have been here like 3 months or belgians?now i am here and i'm extremely tired, so i will probably stop typing apologies for the short post, but i hope you thanks for reading!

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