Thursday, September 16, 2010


day thirty! this morning i woke up and went to language class! after class i went to a store and bought gum, hair clips, and nail polish..exciting right? then i biked home and had lunch with the host family. then after a little while the host mom and i went down to the shopping street and looked at some things. all i ended up buying were stamps but better than nothing right? now i can send my post cards, finally! then we got coffee at a really cute little coffee shop. i had hazelnut and she had chocolate. (yes chocolate flavored coffee...)
then i came home alone and tried to make some banana muffins. they look okay but i'm afraid to try them! after making the muffins i made mac&cheese from home! it wasn't too bad but it was funny because my mom actually mailed me an expired box of it..haha. now i am here and i'm home alone, probably going to take a long shower and prepare myself for tomorrow..full day of real school, boring boring boring! on a positive note tomorrow is friday, so maybe i will find some plans for tomorrow night. anything is possible in belgium i guess! well thats all for today then, bye!

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