Tuesday, September 14, 2010


dag achtentwintig! day twenty eight (might be too literal of a translation, i'm not sure!) so hello! this morning i woke up, threw on some makeup and clothes, ate breakfast, packed my lunch, and biked to language school! at language school we learned how to tell time. its very different than in america..for example if it is 6:30 at home we could say "half past six" but here it is "half 7"..and stuff like that! anyways then i met my friends for lunch and then went to afternoon classes. we sat at a cafe (the bar kind of cafe) and bought drinks while we ate our sandwiches from our lunch boxes! it was cold out so i got coffee. it was nice because the coffee had a foam on it and it came with a cookie..joy! so today i had two hours of music where i just sat there doing my language homework! then i had math..where i also sat and did my dutch homework! since our teacher was sick for the last class we got to leave early. (note: substitute teachers are a rare finding here. if you're in your last year you can usually leave or something, if not then you sit and do some task on your own..weird huh?) so i went with my two music friends and got ICE CREAM!! i had strawberry and vanilla in a waffle cone..it was yummy! i usually hate strawberry ice cream at home because it is really artificial tasting sometimes but its actually very delicious here, like gelato pretty much! i do miss coldstone and dairy queen though, mind you! anyways after that i wanted to look at some shoes so we did...and of course i bought a pair! everyone wears these leather-slouch boots with a heel here so you know, i had to get a pair for myself right? luckily i brought a pair of REAL leather boots from home so those fit in pretty well. can you believe i paid almost 80 US dollars for a pair of fake leather boots!? (my hard earned pool money being spent on what? european fashion..great)
but i like the boots and will be stylish in them so who really cares. some things you just have to buy to put you in the belgian mood..like a coat and a pair of boots. should i get a haircut next? the fashionable du seems to be what i would call a mullet at home..girls have really short bangs followed by short layers on top of the ears then it is long in the back..totally a mullet!!! its funny to me, but i wouldn't mind having some bangs eventually, who knows. so after buying shoes i biked home (while holding the shoes and the handlebars..skills) and hung out for a while then ate dinner! we had salmon for dinner, which would make my mom proud and probably freak my dad out a little. it was with spinach, potatoes, and cheese so it wasn't too fishy i suppose! on a not so happy note, i think i am getting a cold. everyone in my class has one so it was pretty much inevitable to begin with. but now i am going to go to bed. tomorrow and thursday i only have dutch class so that will be pretty relaxing i guess! thats all for now, thanks for reading!

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