Monday, September 13, 2010


today was day 27..a normal day, really! id like to tell you that it was extremely eventful and amazing but it was basically just another day. last night i fell asleep around 8, and found myself waking up at 4am really confused and thought i was back home in south dakota, haha. i think it was just a really deep sleep and my brain just assumed i would be in america or something! then i went back to bed and woke up for school after sleeping for 12 hours! in dutch class this morning we learned numbers! it wasn't that exciting but it was about time we figured that out. then i met my friends for lunch and went to my afternoon classes. i like mondays because we have english! except today english was really boring because it was all about "agony aunts" which i always thought were called "advice columnists" but what do i know about british english, eh? we read a letter then had to match it with the correct advice response. it was really easy for me. then we had to match some vocabulary words to their definitions. examples: exciting, smirked, disgusted, etc. it was funny. then i was supposed to go to science class but instead i decided to try out spanish class. i didn't realize that i learned south american spanish at school and here they learn spain spanish, which is kind of different. then we had to spell our names and say our phone numbers in spanish and normally that would be pretty easy for me but after JUST learning numbers and letters in dutch class, my brain was beyond overwhelmed. then school was over after those terrible two hours of awkward spanish confusion. something odd i noticed today was that all the teachers wear jeans. at home the teachers like aren't supposed to wear jeans except on fridays or something, so seeing my spanish teacher in distressed jeans and high-top purple nike shoes was kind of odd. anywho. after school i went with my south african friend courtney to get a coke (actually it was a pepsi) at some bar-type place. we were happy when we noticed that the place was non smoking, the pop was under 2 euro, and we even got a little bowl of like..cajun peanuts, haha! then i biked home and we ate dinner. now i am here and i am going to go take a shower then do my dutch homework. bye bye and thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi its June and Kaylin. Wooney says very interesting...don't worry I got her interent to work again so she will be creeping on you daily ;)I hope you're having fun! take care
    -Junebug, KCH, Susie