Tuesday, September 21, 2010


just got home, pretty late actually. almost midnight. today was a normal day at school, so that was fine. and i even got to take a nap in math class! a cool thing about school today was that they sold little containers of strawberries for some random reason for 1 euro..i didn't buy any because what would i do with strawberries for the rest of the day..eat them? who knows. then we ate lunch and had the rest of our classes! after school i biked home and i think i had a waffle cookie thing. then i got ready to go to this silly rotary function. it took forever but it was nice to see all of my families and the inbound/outbound exchange students. my friend from south africa gave her speech and a girl that just returned from a year in america gave one as well. it was cool to see how things that are so normal to me could be so weird to her! such as: driving with the car on a lake to go ice fishing, eating in the school cafeteria at lunch, american clothing, etc. then a few other people talked for a really long time about some rotary things i didn't understand and we had dinner. now, i'm not trying to be rude..but i really didn't like it. mushy white fish in really strong aged cheese is just not appealing to me. i felt bad so i tried to eat it (quit after about 4 bites...) but now my stomach really hurts because i am not used to eating things i don't like! then dessert was rice pudding but it was not america rice pudding which is a nice milky sweet rice dish...here it was this bright yellow (from egg yolks i assume?) fruity like goo that was also not so good. but its okay, i will get over it. good news is my next two families were really nice and i think i will enjoy living with both of them :) more bad news is that my level of dutch doesn't meet a lot of peoples standards but its only been one month so we'll see. tomorrow i go to someplace with the exchange students in my district to do some "team building" activity. should be interesting. until then! thanks for reading. ps- i forgot to mention i got another box from home! winter things..boots, scarves, sweaters, etc! and oh! pictured below are the three inbounds for my district!

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