Wednesday, September 29, 2010


43 days here so far! woensdag = wednesday! today i did not want to wake up because i am sick..i was up for a while last night coughing, which is odd because i have not had a cough in a long waking up this morning was about the last thing i wanted to do. anyways i finally woke up and biked to dutch class where i had my first test! we had to write 6 sentences about i decided to write them about my (real) mom! i said things (in dutch) like..this is my mom, she is not married, she has one kid, she wakes up early, etc! mother you should be very proud..i even know the word for divorced!..okay sorry that was an unnecessary joke, i apologize! just making light of the situation..and it just proves that i am learning more and more every day. but then at the end of the test we had to write a fake birthday card, and i couldn't remember how to spell "happy" in dutch ("gelukkig"..someone tell me who WOULD remember that?) so i just wrote "jij bend heel oud" which means "you are really old" hahahha...i wonder what the teacher will think of that! so after the test we continued our lesson and it was kind of boring. then i biked home and we had lunch! since i only have dutch class on wednesdays i don't think i did anything productive this afternoon. i know i took a shower and went to the grocery store with my host mom. oh! at the grocery store..really funny story. the place is like a sams club meets econofoods..dark warehouse kind of vibe..lowest prices though apparently! so there are a few different samples throughout the first i had a little chunk of chocolate, then a mini cookie, then part of a waffle..and then..a chunk of HOT DOG! here hot dogs come in cans, not plastic packages like at home. so they were sampling some brand of hot dog and they cut them up into 1 inch pieces and had toothpicks..i laughed then tried one. tasted like the vienna sausages from america..the small ones in the tiny can. so as i was giggling about the hot dog samples from a can i turned around and saw that you could also sample WINE at the grocery store! ridiculous! they had some open wine bottles and little plastic cups you could pour it in. i think i forgot to mention the grocery store also has a little coffee bar like at church where you can get coffee as you're shopping..its all just too funny for me. so at the store we got things for me to make tacos tomorrow night..i am looking forward to it! i guess they haven't had tacos before which is weird because doesn't spain have tacos? spain isn't that far away...compared to south dakota to mexico..and we have all sorts of mexican food..guads, taco johns, whatnot. interesting! so then we came home and i pretty much just hung around the house. tonight my host brother and i made (what i call) cheeseballs...only bigger cheeseballs than home. they were frozen and we fried them in a pan and ate them! his had mini shrimp in them and mine were just plain cheese. now i am really tired and hate to admit it but i can barely breathe out of my nose..gross! dreary rainy days here are not good for my immune system, complexion, ahh..they're just no fun. hopefully spring is very mild and pleasant but that seems to be a long ways away. thank you for reading, more to come every night! :)

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