Sunday, September 5, 2010


day 19 today! after waking up around noon..i took a shower and then ate sort of a brunch outside with the host family. sundays are different because breakfast is less cereal and bread and more rolls and croissants.. so basically still bread. anyways after that we drove to some other town and i was with all the cousins and we went bowling. at first it was weird because they were all boys and they kept speaking dutch. once they started speaking english it was fine, and actually pretty fun. belgian bowling is pretty much the same thing except the lanes seemed shorter and the shoe sizes aren't like ours but that is to be expected. then we got picked up and went to some italian restaurant. i tried to avoid eating random fried sea creatures but then i think i made them feel bad..i'm not sure. everyone was nice which was good. tonight i got asked if i was gaining weight since i have been here, and since there is a scale in the bathroom i know the answer! no, i have not. i've pretty much been within the same 10 pound weight area all through high school..and i am currently the same weight as when i left. i am eating less calories per day but more carbohydrates because of the bread.. and exercising more due to the in the end i think it all evens out. the ride home was kind of weird. we were talking about food and somehow we got on the subject of raw meat. you really dont eat raw meat in fact, when you order a steak rare there is a warning asterisk telling you it can make you sick. i think my host dad kind of frowns upon our american eating habits, but what can i do about my culture? its not better or worse but simply different. something we all have to get used to. yes, breakfast is meat, potatoes, pancakes, omlettes, waffles, french toast, cereal, bagels, yogurt, oatmeal..a feast of its own! yes lunch can be mcdonalds, taco johns, subway, leftovers, or anything you want it to be. yes, dinner can be frozen pizza, chinese, salads, steak, potatoes with toppings, and sometimes just ice cream. well if that doesn't make me miss america i don't know what does..up early tomorrow, so goodnight!

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