Saturday, September 25, 2010


just got home, around 4:30 Belgian time, so this is my blog post to promise you that i will re-write this tomorrow when i wake up in the afternoon and tell you everything about today and tonight. thanks for checkin in though! love!

the next day...

yesterday was day 38! friday..junk food friday! after a long boring day at school i always look forward to junk food. i especially look forward to junk food because of RUNNING 3 MILES in gym class every is complete torture!! so yesterday my host brother and i got food from the frituur! a frituur is basically just a place where everything is fried and to-go usually. so we came home and ate tonsof fries and i had a chicken sandwich too..fried chicken patty of course. a noteworthy thing that happened yesterday was when i came home from school my host mother and i sat at the kitchen table and started cracking walnuts! crazy..just fresh walnuts in a basket at the counter. usually in america we just ignore the walnut tree in the backyard (we have one, right??) or we crack an assortment of nuts around christmas time. but here i guess it's like a cool thing to do in the fall! fine with me! then after eating thousands of calories worth of fried food i got ready to go out for the night. a couple friends from my music class at school took me to a dance club or "disco club".
it was about a half hour drive away and it was really crazy! just like a scene from CSI: Miami! dancing, lights, smoke/fog, alcohol(ew), incredibly loud music, etc. interesting to see how the club scene here in belgium is but i can't say i will rush back there! i got home really late..sometime past 4 am, which is definitely not like brookings! a typical friday night at home would consist of baking and watching a movie with my mom and friends or something! but i am open to new experiences so to the club i went..haha. well thats about all i can remember about yesterday. i am sorry to not have any quirky details, comparisons, and observations lately..getting kind of lazy on the blog! but i will try to keep you updated with thorough information as much as i possibly can. bye for now and thanks for reading!

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