Monday, September 20, 2010


my dearest reader, today was day 34! good 'ol monday. well the good news is that my birthday is in two months, but the bad news is that my cold is proceeding to worsen. (as is my english, obviously!!!) before i forget i must apologize for the bland blog posts these days. its probably not that exciting to read about someone waking up, going to school, eating, etc. so i am sorry for that! although i must mention that the mundane blog posts are actually a GOOD thing, because it means that i am starting to feel comfortable here, everyday things are no longer such a big deal. but this will not be a boring post, i promise. so about today! woke up, got ready, packed lunch, had some coffee (special on a weekday is rare because i'm too lazy to make it myself, and usually they only make it on weekends, anyways..) so then i casually biked to language class. i used to leave around 8:50 and get there a little after 9..because technically class starts at 9:10..but then after the first few weeks ive realized that we the teacher NEVER walks in before 9:20, so we more or less start about 9:30. so as long as i leave a little after nine i'm fine. isn't that great? at home i would be waking up at 6:30 to get to marching band at 7:30...ouch!!! so at language class we learned "when is the store open" or better yet..."wanneer is de winkle open" or something like that. then i met my friends for lunch and guess what, we were at a little convenient store/lunch place type thing and i ordered my own chips! "klein zak pickle chips alstublieft" or something close to that. then i ate my little bag of pickle flavored chips as we walked to the corner cafe (american cafe, not a bar) and met the rest of the class for coffee/hot chocolate. of course i couldn't resist a cappuccino. then we walked around and ate our packed lunches from our lunch boxes! the lunch boxes actually look like american pencil boxes! its so hard for me to get used to packing some bread for lunch..just crazy. i think my friends mentioned something about french fries on friday or something though? if so that will be going to mcdonalds at home, only..not. so then we had english class after lunch! at first i really enjoyed it but now it is just frustrating. we are currently talking about adjectives vs adverbs..something i feel like i learned in 4th grade. but its not the level that frustrates me, its the whole "British" aspect of it. such as: "The sun shone brightly." seriously? we would never say that in america! "The sun was SHINING brightly." right? the teacher said american english is just a lazier version of british english, and it was kind of annoying. who tells an american that their language is lazy? oh well! she's probably right but shh..whatever! after english was science. i sat there, and that is all. then we had some kind of ensemble class where i attempted to keep a beat on the drumset while 4 girls were singing "all that jazz"..but really they just rushed and i was way too loud and energetic due to the caffeine maybe? then school was over so i came home. one thing i noticed on my way home though..and something i've noticed my entire time here: babies. in. CARRIAGES! it's like this country has never heard of a stroller or something. people will be going on walks pushing their baby in a little carriage down the cobblestone..its really old-school but it works! i thought that would be a funny thing to share! then i hung out for a while because i don't feel the greatest then we made dinner. dinner was crazy weird! picture putting all the leftovers (chinese(?!), some vegetables, some rice) in a skillet and then adding 10 eggs. personally i would call it a leftover omelet. but they called it a tortilla? crazy! it tasted fine after they cooked it a lot for my pleasure (something about runny un-pasteurized eggs just didn't appeal to me...go figure). but then i had some leftover mac and cheese from the other day so it was all good. now it is time to go to bed! hope todays post was slightly more entertaining than the past few. thanks for reading!!!!!!

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