Friday, September 17, 2010

one month!

een maand in België! one month in belgium! about...10% into my stay here in europe. the month has gone very quickly. still feels like i'm stuck in a fantasy world, and reality is left behind across the globe. its a good feeling though, just strange to leave everything you've ever known behind and start everything completely over. its fun actually, gives you an entire year to just be yourself and figure out what life really means to you. or more accurately what life really means to ME! but i am beginning to make belgium more of a reality as i get more comfortable with all the foreign surroundings. who would have thought it could be such a journey? so where to start about today..hmm. this morning i woke up an hour earlier because i had to go to real school all day, and it starts about 45 minutes earlier than language class usually does. so i put on some clothes, ate some breakfast, and biked to school. then i found my friends outside and we went to class. turns out our first THREE teachers were gone, so we had to have 3 hoursof "study" time..or "study hall" in american terms. it was really boring because i don't have anything to study so i just sat there reading my book from america that is almost finished. (speaking of which, anyone want to mail me some books? or should i splurge and buy english books here or read stupid ones from the school library?) anyways! after three hours of nothing we went to math class..which is more nothing for me because the teacher doesn't really speak english..nor do i care about math to begin with. then it was lunch time. at lunch we went to a little coffee shop (im starting to get used to this...yumm) and i ordered a cappuccino. it was really really good and we got little mini-muffin things with itand pralines..which are chocolates...but thats not what i thought a praline was at i crazy? i also decided to buy a sandwich (american reference to sandwich) at the place because i didn't think peanut butter and jelly would be a wise choice right before gym class. so i got "een broodje met kaas" which is like french bread with cheese. turns out the bread is made to order so it was warm on the inside but crunchy on the outside..sooo good with the melting cheese..then i added some mustard to it which was clearly some sort of dijon, and it was clearly just an amazing lunch especially when i ate the little chocolate at the end, hahaha! so after lunch it was time for gym class. TORTURE! running for almost a half hour..slowly killing my out of shape american body. seriously that was at least 3-4 miles..which is more than i've ran in the past 10 years combined back home! doesn't sound like much but trust me it is not fun! then we had geography where the teacher sat and complained about how wasteful americans belgians bike everywhere, eat better, are less wasteful, etc. fine with me because its all true, but every country can do its own thing for all i care. then school was over and i "had a drink" (weird to say) with my friends. we sat outside and it was kind of cold so i decided i should try to buy a sweatshirt. instead of a sweatshirt i bought a tank top and a scarf but that wont keep me warm so..oops. they were cute so thats all that counts.
then on the way home i bought some celery and when i got home i made ANTS ON A LOG! (celery, peanut butter, raisins). im not sure what gave me the urge to make that but they were pretty tasty. then we sat around for a while and it was time for dinner. since its junk food friday we had KEBAB! which is like the greasiest meat ever invented. its pretty good but i think i had about 5 glasses of water and still only made it half way through! but now it is time for bed, because i am really tired from the long school week or something! goodnight and dankuwel for reading..oh i mean thanks for reading..english, yes.

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