Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hello all! today was a very nice day. i hope your day was splendid as well. today was especially nice because it was 72 DEGREES outside (fahrenheit..) which is WARMER than Brookings today! i only wore a light sweater and scarf on my 9am bike ride to language class, and on the way home around noon the sweater and scarf were not was amazing. when i first arrived it was in the 60s around here, which really depressed me because i had left behind the SD mid-August heat wave that i was used to. then for a few days it was in the 50s and raining and that was also really depressing. but this week has been great weather but unfortunately its all downhill from here. anyways! after language class i biked home and got ready to go to an activity with the other exchange students in my district. so i ate lunch, packed up some extra clothes and got picked up by another students host mom. we were supposed to bike but luckily we didn't because it was at least a 15 minute car ride, haha. once we were there we met the other students from our district (about 15 total, maybe?) along with some former outbounds from our district as well. technically its district 1630 dutch speaking part, because the rotary district 1630 has a ton more students in the french part but we never see them. anyways! while we were there we did some "team building activities" that was basically like project adventure back at BHS. we walked on ropes really high in the air, swung from ropes over a creek, crawled in a manmade cave in wetsand, and other things like that.

it was really nice to be outside all afternoon! sadly i couldn't get over my fear of heights enough to enjoy the tightrope walking, but i tried anyways. after a long afternoon of team building i am now home and extremely tired. good news is that we had spaghetti tonight. bad news is that i broke my camera. luckily i brought two, and the one that broke is the old one so it is all good. the camera still works but it is permanently zoomed in, ha ha! oh one thing i forgot to mention was that on my way to language class i saw a semi truck full of beer kegs, and i laughed. whenever you see a truck at home delivering something its usually mcdonalds, hyvee, coke, something like that. here it was about half kegs and half just beer. i should be used to it but it made me chuckle nonetheless. anyways, long day tomorrow..language class, school, the usual. goodnight and thanks for reading! don't be afraid to comment either of course.

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