Thursday, September 23, 2010


hello all! day 37 in belgium..another nice day! today after language class i met my friends for lunch and guess what..apparently since today is the first day of fall (is it?) they celebrate by EATING FRENCH FRIES! so there were 4 big carts that gave everyone french fries like at a circus or was cool! so i got fries with ketchup and mayonnaise and it was really neat. after eating the fries we went to some cafe to "get a drink" and that was pleasant as well. after that we went to ensemble which is like concert band, but in the other room i heard of course i left ensemble and joined the jazz group where we played "c note blues?" and "freddie freeloader". of course just to test my patience/skills the teacher decided i needed to trade fours with EVERYONE in the room. for those of you non jazz type that means that i solo for four measures, someone else improvs for four measures, i play four more, etc. i think i showed them who was boss in the end though! the concept of a "girl drummer" is still really shocking to a lot of people here..i don't know why! so after music class we had a study hall because the teacher was gone. then we had a music class where the teacher plays thousands of random notes in 6/8 and the students have to go to the board one by one and write what shes playing...insane! i just sat there and smiled of course..didn't have to try it. i forgot to mention that my throat has been hurting (killing, actually) ALL DAY! it is really frustrating because at home i probably would have had my mom call me out of school but here i am not sure what to do, so as i was sitting in my last class (which was in a dark, cold, dusty room..pleasing for the throat i assure you) the teacher noticed something was wrong and she gave me a cough drop! i believe it was a Ricola so that was nice and full of menthol. then i biked home and sat around sick for a little while. then i decided to call my dad because i have been forgetting to do that for a while! his southern accent was kind of funny because i am getting so used to the nederlands to english accent here. anyways it was nice to talk to him! then we ate dinner which was like..turkey gravy and potatoes and green beans or was good of course. have i ever mentioned how great my host mom is at making soup? she's like the iron chef of soup! zucchini soup, pumpkin soup, vegetable soup, soup soup soup! i like soup, especially when i am sick, so it was good to have some before dinner. my throat started bothering me more a little while ago so i just had a bowl of instant quaker oatmeal that my mom sent me..and i must admit..if i didn't add triple the amount of water (making it into soup itself) then i don't know if i could have handled the sweetness! what is wrong with me? good ol apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal..normally if it is too soupy i hate it..but nope not tonight. tonight i was okay with slimy broth and chunks of oatmeal. WEIRD! but i'm sorry that is all i can remember about today. and i'm sorry there is no picture as well. tomorrow is friday which is great, but it is not great because then i have to run in gym class..with a sore throat..probably 3 miles or something..i am such an american, haha! goodnight all!

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