Sunday, September 12, 2010


yesterday was day 25, and today was day 26! yesterday started out fairly normal as i packed up my things to catch a train to get to a rotary sleepover! three of us from Turnhout took a train (three actually..) to a station in St Truiden where we met our district rotary lady and then went to her house. there were about 15 of us total with some previous exchange students popping in and out as well. we talked about things to help us get settled here in belgium and we had lots of snacks too, haha! after discussing random things with other exchange students such as "so does your family eat a lot of bread too?" we went to the store to get things for dinner. another student from america and i decided that we needed banana splits for dessert to compliment the main dish of spaghetti.
after finding sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries, etc we all walked back home and started chopping vegetables for the spaghetti sauce. it was basically just tomato sauce with lots of random vegetables in it on top of spaghetti noodles. dessert was yummy of course and we each made our own little splits to eat. after that we watched a movie and stayed up late talking about all the weird things that happen as an exchange student. then we woke up this morning and went to look at the neighbors big house. apparently it used to be a castle or something but it was basically just a house with a moat, stables, and a cash bar. the owner of the house bought me and a canadian kid coffee which was nice. then we went back to the house and ate some bread or something. then we got dropped off at the train station to come home. after catching our first train and getting off at the first stop to catch another, the three of us actually missed the second train and had to wait another hour for the next one. i suggested we walk across the street and get something to eat and what do you know..there was a SUBWAY! so i showed the other two girls the ropes and we ate our subs then caught the next two trains home. now i am here and i am really tired, so i apologize for the boring blog today. there is more to tell you but i have a terrible headache so i will talk to you later.

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