Sunday, September 5, 2010


yesterday was my 18th day in belgium, yahoo! after getting home at about 330 am the night before, i still woke up about 10. then nobody was home so i just kind of sat around doing nothing for a while. actually i had some bread, tried to watch tv, and creeped facebook a lot. then my host parents came home from a bike tour (100 km or then we got ready to go to a party. the party was to celebrate my host dads colleges anniversary or something. apparently anniversary parties are a big deal here, i don't think they are in america. every few years there is a special name for your anniversary, kind of like birthdays at home. i think last night was a 10 year one so it was the "crystal" anniversary. i know that golden birthdays and anniversaries are at home but i don't know of any others..but i am not married so who knows! since my host brother was at a music festival in antwerp i had to help at the party instead because he usually does it. luckily a fellow rotary student (courtney from south africa) also had to help at the party so it was okay. we (attempted to..) serve drinks, clear tables, serve food, and take demands from wealthy belgian know it alls. it was a nice party but i don't think i want to go in to the waitressing business for a career. there were at least a hundred people and they drank a lot of wine, beer, and champagne...kind of disturbing actually. there were at least 6 kegs and a hundred empty wine bottles..which is fine but different! at home wine and beer are very casual beverages, here its like water. in fact i am weird because i drink water (flat water at bubbles)..a funny phrase said about drinking water is "fish f**k in it" hahaha how terrible is that. so after getting tired of being foreign helpers courtney and i went to some bar in town. we sat there for like an hour drinking coke then decided to go back. the party was still going on and people were dancing to obnoxiously loud music on a light up dance floor. it was weird how the music was so modern and loud for these people who were like 30-60 years old. i can never picture my parents and their friends having an anniversary party with a dj and kegs, can you? it was more like a wedding reception..actually, thats exactly what it was like. then we finally got home about 2 am or so then i went to bed. i will hopefully blog about today when i get home tonight. bye!

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