Monday, August 30, 2010

12/13 :)

yesterday-day 12:
nothing special, slept in, then tried to bake with my host brother. although i followed the EXACT same recipe i do at home, it turned out slightly-above hideous. SAD! you know how depressing it is to be really good at something at home, than come here and be terrible? so first we tried chocolate chip cookies

...then we tried apple crisp.
the apple crisp tasted fine, although it became more of an apple..slop, or something. needless to say, they were both edible, but not like home :(. later that night i proceeded to get sad due to my baking difficulties, language difficulties, school fear, and everything in between. hard day. differences aren't as fun the second week.

today-day 13.
another lazy day. slept in (10:30), had some cereal (yes cereal!!), then just kind of hung around the house. we decided that i could make dinner tonight, so we agreed on fried rice! i went to the grocery store with my host mother and we bought things for it. at home we make it with jimmy dean italian sausage, here it was like..spicy lamb sausage or something, so that was different! and at home we use chinese soy sauce, not japanese or indonesian. it tasted kind of different and i couldn't really stomach the funky meat..but
i think my family somewhat enjoyed it and thats all that counts. tomorrow is the last day before school starts, which i guess is good and bad. you can tell its starting to feel like fall here...rain, wind, 60 degrees. Fahrenheit. goodnight.

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