Sunday, August 22, 2010

day 4!

hello! in case you havent noticed, ive decided to skip the grammar and punctuation nonsense while blogging, for the purpose of easy reading and even easier hope you dont mind! started (kind of) early. nice hostmommy woke me up at 9:30, then we got ready to go on a bike ride/trip/..expedition, really. we drove for maybe an hour to what i believe to be some part in the east of belgium, haha. apparently it all used to be operated by the military, and you could see all the old military fields and fortress type things still there. pretty neat! but nonetheless there were also tons and tons of cute brick houses too. have i mentioned that everything here is brick!? all the houses are, anyways. and i have also decided that belgium is one giant never ending city..or giant never ending suburbs. everywhere you go, everywhere you drive, you cannot escape the little brick houses! haha! so once we arrived to the aunt and uncles house i attempted to ride with them on their journey, but failed at somewhere under 10 kilometers? everything is so different in kilos, centimeters, celsius, oh about some miles, inches and pounds, eh? so then i went back to the nice relatives house and tried to watch tv...but then MTV and nickelodan were both in dutch which was weird. then i finally discovered BBC (english!!) and to my luck there was a food show on: the great british bake-off. so after a few hours everyone came home, showered, had wine and shall we say breadsticks, salami, olives..mmm mmm fancy-ish. then we went out to dinner which was nice and i learned a few words in dutch such as table, glass, chair, fork, knife, umm napkin was too hard..then the days of the week all sound like you are coughing up something haha a sound i will soon learn to say.. but that is all for now! talk to you tomorrow, hopefully!

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