Monday, August 16, 2010

one more day..

Tuesday morning is right around the corner! Crazy how time flies. One minute, its the start of senior year..the next, graduation..then summer is gone and Belgium is a day away. Tomorrow will definitely be one chaotic day of packing! Who seriously knows what to pack for an entire year? Exactly! Sadly i said goodbye to some of my friends tonight, but it didn't seem like a going away party. It seemed more like a normal get-together with games, food, and lots of laughing. It was pretty much a perfect way to end that particular chapter of my life..and soon i will be very excited (but very hi Dutch friends, I'm Jamie?) to start another! Well..time to enjoy the comfort of my own bed for a little bit longer. Peace out, Blog!

Oh! and a little visual aid for your personal pleasure, or my plane-riding torture of the two!

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  1. Jamiepoo, your wall has lost it's virginity, have fun in Belgium!!!!!!!!