Wednesday, August 25, 2010

one week!

i have officially been in belgium a week! hooray!! today started pretty late, i had a bowl of cereal (which they think is weird) and shortly after that, we ate lunch. bread with an assortment of toppings, of course. then my host mom and i went (what i call) "downtown" and walked around and shopped for a while! i only bought a pair of like..pajama/sweat pants, haha. clothes here are SO expensive! a sweater that would normally cost around 40 dollars in america is at least 60 euro here..its crazy! prices are basically double what they are at home, and not (always) double the quality as well. belgian fashion is different though. its not that something is "in" or "out" of style, because everybody just wears what they want. old clothes or new clothes, you just dress how you feel..and it sometimes turns out a bit odd, but whatever. today i also got to tour/see my host dads law is in an old building (really really old, and beautiful) towards the center of town. he has to wear this cloak type thing (similar to a graduation gown) when he is in formal court, and i thought that was pretty interesting. then my host mom bought me a hot chocolate while we sat outside a cafe in the town square. great hot chocolate, REAL hot chocolate, no swiss miss here! it even came with a little cookie, apparently all hot drinks here do. then we came home (all by bike, remember) and after organizing my stuff for tomorrow, we had dinner and now i am typing this. tomorrow we have a rotary welcome day for the exchange students in brussels. so i have to leave the house at 630 am (1130 pm american time) and ride a train there or something. more info about that tomorrow night! i will upload the bread machine pictures on my last post, so scroll down and look at them! night!

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