Thursday, August 19, 2010

in belgium!

Sioux Falls - Chicago..bumpy, bumpy flight. Felt like i was on a roller coaster! So instead of feeling sick it was actually kind of fun, haha. Then i had to wait 4 hours in Chicago..which was pretty boring. I had a hamburger and french fries then just sat around staring at people. Then we finally boarded for Brussels, so i texted everyone goodbye, and i'm here! I met my family at the airport then they drove me to their house, it is very pretty! But very different than in America. Normally, my mom and i eat breakfast like..a bowl of cereal or something, in front of the tv sitting at our bar table. But not here! Every meal is as a family at the dinner table, something i will get used to i guess. It is also different to have a cat around the house, and very different to not understand what anyone is saying! Since the family i am currently staying with has a daughter leaving for Taiwan tomorrow, i have her bedroom. It is cute and seems very..European, hah! I am pretty much all unpacked and now i just have to let my body get caught up to the time zone..harder than it sounds! Besides all that the country is beautiful, and the weather is not hot like it would be back home..which is pretty nice! I think i am getting a cell phone later today, so maybe i can make friends or something...hmm..thats all for now!

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