Monday, August 23, 2010


sixth day in belgium! hooray! before i forget, i haven't mentioned one of the better things i have seen in this wont believe it..bread. IN A VENDING MACHINE! since this place values dense, artisan bread (or bread in general) more than we value say, mcdonalds, there are lots of bakeries all around town. so at times when these bakeries are closed they just have a vending machine with fresh bread in it that you can buy at anytime..very clever, actually. i will get a picture of it eventually, i promise!! (added now!!)
Another clever thing about belgium is there way of giving speeding tickets. for us, you see a cop then you slow down, or you get a ticket. for these speed, a machine takes a picture of your license plate, then they mail you a fine. maybe we do that in america too, at traffic lights and whatnot, but not once every couple miles! it is nuts! but smart nonetheless..extra money never hurt a government, right? so now about today...woke up around 11, then got ready and went to the city hall. when you apply for a belgian visa, they first issue you a 3-month one then you report to a city hall and show yourself and then they give you a real one, i guess. apparently this was the first time it has happened to these city-workers in Turnhout. haha. they were confused but we figured it out and i will go back tomorrow to get an ID card and whatnot. next we went to the house of the dutch language where i took something like a placement of those tests i took in sociology class as a joke. a sequence type thing, ie: what comes next? anyways after that i got a paper that says i have to complete 120 hours of fluent dutch or not exactly sure. then i got passport pictures taken for my belgian ID and came home. read my book for a while (which is very good may i add) then it was dinner time. zucchini soup (yum) and leftovers, works for me! then i got to have an ice cream bar which was really cool ;) time for bed now. another busy day tomorrow! thanks for reading!
oh, and i am trying to add more pictures to my blog, bare with me!

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