Sunday, August 22, 2010

day 5!

hello blog friends! today was my fifth day in belgium. starting to feel normal, actually. although i must say, having everything be so "foreign" is very tiring..yikes! meeting new people, listening to people say things in a different language, makes you exhausted quite quickly. so this morning we woke up around 1030 (as if it matters...?) then got ready to go to a celebration gathering (for lack of a better name.) for a new baby. it was fun for the first three hours or so but then i got kind of tired of being the foreign exchange student from canada, sweden, you name it. apparently i look swedish because of my blonde hair or something? hahaha. eventually they figured out i was american and only speak english. so i left and went for a walk around the center of Turnhout where there is actually a fair going on! something between a mixture of the sioux empire fair or the state fair combined with more circus-esq games. needless to say i bought a doughnut with chocolate and chocolate sprinkles and some gummy cherries. SUGAR! not much sugar in the house, fine with me, but if i see it..hard to resist.
so then i went back to the baby party then it started raining, so we were waiting..and this guy brought back some beignets from the fair, yumyumyum fried doughnut type things..some had an apple slice in it and some were plain. comparable to a funnel cake, with the powdered sugar and stuff. actually, somewhere between a funnel cake and a doughnut hole, only more chewy. well that is all for today! i am actually quite tired, but they might think its weird to sleep at 720 pm..hmm....bye!

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