Friday, August 27, 2010


hit double digits ten! nothing too exciting though. woke up, had a croissant, which was shortly followed by lunch because i woke up late, he he. then i biked to the bike shop with my host dad so they can fix the bikes for school..apparently there are laws in belgium about the condition of your bike or you need proper lights and whatnot. then my host mom picked us up (by car!) and we actually hit some traffic, so lucky me i felt really carsick, oh well. then we picked up my new Belgian debit card! it has a mirco-chip in it..ooolala! then i tried to take a nap, watched some tv on the computer for a while then it was time for dinner! friday is junk food day at this house so we went to a place that just sells fried was crazy! i had chicken fingers and we each got a giant thing of french fries..probably almost 4 cups of french fries each, i'd guess! then we watched The Patriot on the tv for a while and i ate this yummy eclaire looking thing hostmommy got at the bakery ;) thats all for today, thanks for reading!

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