Monday, May 16, 2011


hello world!! well, another day in belgium is at its end, and here i am blogging again for one of the last times...very odd. so, today. a day of packing packing and...more attempts at packing. i feel really lazy saying this but i had pajama pants on the entire day :p haha lazy sunday i suppose. but seriously, i dont know what i would do without my host mom. she's helped me so much with packing! everything is folded perfectly in the suitcases but i still have too much, UGH! so i have a 20ish pound box i'm going to mail tomorrow and hopefully the rest goes well in two 50 pound suitcases, a carry on mini suitcase, and my backpack. we shall see. definitely curious how that will all work out! actually how everything will work out. its all just weird!!! and tiring. maybe thats why i was so lazy today. just sort of sick of thinking about leaving, sick of thinking about packing, and yadayadayada, ya know? here's sort of how i felt today.
beautiful eh? but other than packing, there were also a few other things that i did today. such as...ATE MY LAST BELGIAN FRIES! and drank my last belgian cherry beer! if thats not sort of depressing i dont know what is!
yum yum yummmm, fresh fries in my belly. gotta love that eh!? guess we'll have to buy a fryer at home and make some fries ourselves then too. can't say i didnt learn much in belgium ;) soooo after dinner tonight it was again sort of weird, because i said "goodbye" to my host brother and sister...because they went back to university for the week, and i wont see them next weekend like normal because, well, i'm leaving on tuesday! i can write that a thousand times and i still won't realize that i'm really leaving. is that a normal feeling? i don't feel like its over. i don't feel like it ever started, actually. maybe when i'm home it will feel like i never even left, who knows. it feels like a year of dreaming...a world i created in my head or something. a good world, mind you! but yeah, enough attempting to describe how i feel because its probably impossible to say. also, to whoever asked about my speech...i'll upload it to youtube and put it on here tomorrow night, so you have something exciting/entertaining to watch for the last time, i suppose. but no worries, i havent forgotten about it! well, bed time now..i probably shouldn't start getting on american time just yet! still another lovely day in belgium to come. beauty sleep is much needed. goodnight, and as always thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi jamieeepiee,
    Als je terug thuis bent moet je nog steeds op je blog schrijven! (Als je tijd hebt ;))