Tuesday, May 10, 2011


helllllo! what a day, what a day. well, didn't go to dutch school this morning. let myself get a little extra beauty sleep and prepare for my presentation this morning instead of leaving class halfway through anyways. its almost like i did them a favor by not disrupting the class and leaving, right? haha just kidding. but yeah. i had my rotary presentation this morning! and YES, i did get a video of it! but NO, it's not going on my blog yet because i'm too tired to upload it to youtube tonight. tomorrow or sometime for sure! but i can say that it went SUPER well and i'm very satisfied with myself. it probably couldn't have gone any better if i wanted it to, and i think thats a good thing. as for pictures, my first host mom took some and so did a rotary guy, but unfortunately i don't have them all yet so here is what i do have. a self-timer picture of manuella and i before going to the meeting...
and a picture of the "american food" we ate there. normally we eat soup, then some kind of fish always with cheese sauce, then a random dessert. but this time the nice guy made an american menu for me which consisted of a caesar salad, hamburger and fries, and cheesecake. cool eh!
you can also see that i put my business cards and pins on the table as well...because i still had a lot of them leftover, haha. i found it a nice personal touch. gee i'm classy, not. but yeah! after the salad i gave my speech and then we finished eating and i almost got sick on the car ride home because it was really warm outside and i had just eaten soooo much at the meeting, what the heck body. well..my host mom still had to go see her mom today since it was her 91st birthday, and i was going to go with but not if i was feeling so carsick. soo apparently there's a long lost trick i've never really known about or thought of i guess...apparently if you have a small amount of say, amaretto, after dinner it helps to "aid digestion" aka a "digestif". interesting? or it was her excuse to celebrate my speech..no no just kidding!! only a very small amount was consumed of course..
so i tried that and it seemed to work for me, because i didnt complain the whole car ride to antwerp. weird! sooo then we visited the grandma for a while, sat outside and had a kriek (the cherry beer) and enjoyed the pretty decent (but buggy/pollen-y) weather. so that was nice! i hope i can sit with my real grandma too when i get back! only a week now. starting to feel weirder and weirder. tomorrow after language class i suppose i should start packing then...odd. but i'm very content with today, and content with everything i've done here. in the end, thats all that matters! so goodnight and thanks for reading!

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