Monday, May 9, 2011


happy monday, reader! what another great day here! although it was a little cloudy and also just a monday in general, it was still a very nice day. this morning i went to dutch class, where i was bored out of my mind and had a stomach ache for some reason. whats the perfect solution for a stomach ache, you ask? my perfect belgian lunch with a few of my classmates...made complete with deliciously unhealthy fries with an obnoxious dollop of mayonnaise on top and some really fatty mini eggroll things.
ridiculous, right? lucky for some reason my stomach ache went away after i ate, haha. still not sure why! and yes..that is a salt packet. don't judge me, it may have been my last time going to the "frituur" eh!! so anyways. after that we went to english class. now, i dont leave until next tuesday which is a week from tomorrow, but next monday i don't plan on going to i guess it was my last monday at school and my last day of english class! so weird to write that! so wouldn't you know it..after about halfway into the lesson correcting our papers from last week..the teacher is like, okay now we are going to put away our things and have a little party for jamie. WHAT! it was soooo nice of them, or the teacher, or whoever's idea it was. we drank cola and juice and ate chips and they all wrote notes to me (in english, it had to be part of the lesson still haha) and it was super kind of them all. i'm going to read the notes when i'm flying home..weird thought! but then i told the class, or i made someone else tell them, that i still wanted a picture of all of us together since i already have a lot with just the music class but not many with check it out!
of course someone thought it would be a good idea to lift me...and then it wasnt cool enough at hip-level, so the poor kid in the green had to hold me up, haha! it was indeed a very nice year with my class and the whole big class. hopefully someday i can see some people from the class again! who knows where life may lead us all, right?? tonight i practiced my rotary speech at the place where i'm going to give it tomorrow. i think it will be pretty good! i will try to get it on film and then maybe you can watch it as well if that interests you. if not, i'll for sure manage to get a few pictures of me in my sexy rotary jacket for ya! last rotary meeting, and last tuesday in belgium tomorrow. gosh, its all getting weird. if anything, i'm just very thankful i've done what i've done, seen what i've seen, and met who i've met. my life will never be the same. (in a good way!). well thanks for reading tonight and for one more week to come,goodnight!

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