Friday, May 6, 2011


ello reader! happy friday..TGIF! it's a little after ten on a friday night and i am yet again suuuuper tired, weird. probably because the whole afternoon i worked on my presentation again. i can officially say that the powerpoint and the "speech" to go with it are done, and i've had about 50 different combinations of pictures and ways to word things in the process..but i'll stick with this version and print it off and start practicing tomorrow i suppose. but before i could finish that, i had to go to/went to dutch class this morning. we learned about...cell phones. again. first we learned about weddings for like a week straight, and now its cell phones. easily the two stupidest lesson chapters from the whole year! and the poor new teacher gets to give the lessons, which sort of makes her come off as dull and boring, but really its just the lesson material. i think shes a pretty good teacher, but its her first time doing it so its too soon to make any judgements i suppose. the weather was great today! after class i went with manuella and looked for clothes for a party from her 2nd host mom that we are going to tomorrow. its african themed, and you're supposed to dress in tropical/safari things. luckily my family has some african pants and a colorful dress that i can wear, now i just have to choose between the two. but here i am attempting to model a turban thing like shakira. waka waka eyyy....
something tells me i look a little more chinese than shakira/african ish. oh well, better luck next time. anyways. outside of the language class there is this awesome tree/bush thing (somebody smart tell me the name of it?) and i made manuella take a picture with me and the tree haha..spring spring spring!

it smelled really nice but there were lots of bugs and bees by it. but thats about it for my day. 10 more days here, i'm having to ignore my feelings more and more about it. they arent sad, bad, happy, or anything really. just sort of contemplative i guess. especially when i'm writing my presentation, haha. makes me think about the whole year a lot. well, thanks for reading. goodnight!

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