Monday, May 2, 2011


hello! day 258, what a nice, silly, surprising day. started out the morning by getting on facebook (its how i inspire myself to wake up..knowing that i can sit on facebook for 10 minutes before i have to get out of bed, haha horrible habit i know), anyways i turned on my computer and almost everybody's status was about osama bin laden. now that is REALLY weird news to hear when you're just waking up in another country. it's definitely a good thing that they got him, but although that solves everything that's not going to happen by just killing one guy. but what do i know, i hate talking politics. i just know that as an exchange student its weird news to see on facebook. soooo after that i ate breakfast and went to dutch class. i thought we had a test today, but actually its tomorrow. i would have rather had it today then it would be over with! but now i get to look forward to it tomorrow. after that i went with my host mom to tell my school i'm leaving (which they seemed less than interested in hearing, not even sure if they knew i went there..haha ironically my last day is friday the 13th, weird), then i figured out how to get a new belgian debit card for my last week because i lost my other one. whoopsies jamie! then i went to english class at my "real school" and it was also boring. everyone had to give a "book report" about a book they read in english and almost nobody had read anything. i can never imagine if i had to read a book for spanish class or something, that sounds impossible. but this is still a lot different. whatever. after school i went for a little while with my host dad to the big church in town to hear about the newly repaired organ. it's huge! inside there are over 2,500 different pipes! the guy told us about how they just spent the past year repairing/restoring it and it was interesting but a lot of technical words i didn't understand. oh well. here's a picture anyways.
the organ was cool and all, but the coolest part of my day was definitely something else. on sunday my host mom came home and said "jamie won the easter bunny"..and i was really confused, i thought..yeah, i just misunderstood her. then she said it again, and then a 3rd time in english. nope, i understood alright. but how is that possible? then she pulled out some yellow tickets that she got from the baker and told me that she won a giant chocolate bunny! of course i found this hilarious, but by the time we wanted to get it the bakery was closed. so today we went and got our rabbit. i can't stop laughing at it. its really a giant chocolate bunny. almost 5 pounds of delicious belgian chocolate!
what a pity that he would get smashed in my suitcase! guess we'll just have to make lots of hot chocolate or something. haha, thats all for today. thanks for reading!

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