Thursday, May 5, 2011


hello! another short blog, because i'm tired of course! this morning i didn't have dutch class, it was so nice! then after lunch i went to school where i had jazz class. i have to play with them for the school's open house day a couple days before i leave, so thats nice i guess! then i watched my class practice for their show thing they had tonight. since the beginning of they year they have been working on their end work thing and that included like a big paper they all had to write and then tonight they had a concert thing with some theater pieces mixed in. here's a picture...i think they're giving flowers to the teacher here or something..
haha, its sort of hard to describe. but yeah! thats what i did tonight. for the rest of the day it was nothing exciting. i went to the grocery store and bought some chocolate so i make sure and have it included in my suitcase weight! then i will hopefully still have place and fit that darn giant chocolate bunny in there...but im starting to have my doubts...two fifty pound suitcases, and so many things i want to bring home..uh oh. well, thats all for today! thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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