Sunday, May 8, 2011


hello world! what a lovely day in belgium. the weather was so beautiful! i even sat in the sun reading a book for like...45 minutes, then i got too hot and quit. oh well. just trying to work on my tan ya know! sooo today i did a lot of nothing, typical jamie on a sunday eh. but actually it didnt feel anything like a sunday today. it felt sort of like a summer day when you really dont know what time or what day it is. but nonetheless, it is definitely a sunday. which means that tomorrow is definitely monday. which means school. normally that would be a little dreadful, but it's my last week of school this week, and everything is sort of getting blurry and fast now. impossible feeling to describe! but before i start the week, i have to give credit to some wonderful people today, because it is indeed mothers day today! yippee! i miss my mom a lot, but now not as much as i did in the beginning. i mean that in a good way! in the sense that, i've become more independent and unattached myself from the hip of my mom, haha. anyone that knows me knows what i mean! i have the best mom in the world, i really do!
remind me again what day is childrens day? then maybe she can write a blog about me! hahah just kidding. but having the best mom in the world is not to say that i havent had some other great ones along the way! i've also been so blessed to have two wonderful host moms while living here in belgium! they've helped me so much, and been so kind and loving its just super!

lucky for them they only had to put up with me for 5 months of my life, unlike my real mama mary who had to put up with all the pleasantness that comes with raising an only child, muahahah sorry mom. but what i'm getting at is that every mom is special, and every mom deserves a thank you weather or not its from a real kid or a random student from across the world! so i suppose that's all i have for today. i would have baked some cookies today but i tried to work on my presentation and i don't want to come home much fatter than when i left..hmm...we'll see how that works out. thanks for reading and goodnight!

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  1. that is soo nice what you said about moms!
    1st hostmom