Sunday, May 1, 2011


hello blog world!! glad you're reading on such a bright and cheery day like today. since the weather is just so darn nice, and since it makes me so darn giddy, i have a new blog layout! it's way better than the other one, in the sense that its colorful and fun and the other was i hope you like it as much as i do! but yes. happy may day as well! although belgians dont celebrate the first of may like we do with little baskets and playing ding dong ditch, it was still a nice day. back to business. today i woke up late because i was up too late last night..typical eh. then i cleaned my room a little and eventually made my way downstairs and had a banana. then i came back to my room, procrastinated on facebook and whatnot, then went outside for some belgian fries and hamburgers for lunch. if i could combine the hamburgers from america and the fries from here, my life would be perfect. actually, my life is already perfect..considering perfection is just a personal perspective of what you want it to be! anywho, i love being able to sit outside eating lunch with such a lovely host family and lovely weather! its hard to imagine that it is really so cold at home still!! you poor midwesterners. if i could send the sun i would! but other than eating and procrastinating (my two favorite hobbies), i also worked really really hard on my rotary presentation today. i'm happy to say that the first draft of everything is complete! check out my happyfaced webcam picture..
if that doesn't look like a girl whose completed something than i dont know what is! haha, anyways. the powerpoint is 90% finished, just a couple pictures i need to find still such as one of my dog (hint hint mom go take a picture and email it to me) and then it shall be finished. and my "essay" or "speech" to go with it (which will hopefully turn into just a guideline if i can memorize/ramble on eventually..) is also complete but needs major corrections! i feel like my dutch writing is not as good as my speaking, but thats normal. with a new language you usually are first good at understanding, then speaking, then reading, then writing..but i still think i did a good job. heck, its an entire presentation in dutch. with or without lots of errors im content! so this week my family will help me correct it and make it a little better then i can practice in the weekend then next tuesday i give it at the lunch meeting of the rotary! i'll try to get someone to film it because that makes for some good memories i think. last thing for today is a picture of course! a while back i bought these two little dutch flower pot things at the sunday garage sale type market. and when i decided to mail a box of winter things home, i stuck a few surprises such as cookies and the little flower things in there too. sooo my mom got the box and although its really cold still, three little "may flowers" peeked through the cold ground and she put them in her new little dutch pots :)
so happy may day everyone! getting a picture like this is way better than any may day basket filled with cheap candy that i could ever receive would be! goodnight.

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