Wednesday, May 4, 2011


hey world! afraid i'm going to cut it short tonight because im really tired. this morning i went to dutch class and i think it gets more and more boring every day! today we learned about cell phones, what the heck. we took a quiz with questions like "do you have a cell phone" and then did a word find, yippeeeee fun. after that i came home and had lunch, then tried for a little while to work on my rotary presentation again. ahhh im SO SICK OF THAT THING! i will be very happy, and probably nervous, when i give it next tuesday. i got so sick of it i tried to take a nap, but ended up laying there for over and hour and sleeping for like 20 minutes in total. today was "crepe wednesday" (it switches occasionally with waffle wednesday) so for lunch we had like warm stuff and dinner was a sandwich (or i guess i had soup..) and PANNENKOEKEN (literally pancakes, but..they're crepes. trust me on this one. american pancakes = so not the same)!! i finished my soup, ate an awesome pancake with nutella and then decided i wanted to try making them myself. it was so fun! maybe i should open a store, haha. making thin pancakes is way cooler than making the thick flap jack stuff! sooo after that i was back to work on my presentation, which my lovely host sister reviewed through email and gave me lots of comments i could use/switch up with my wording of things. i ended up spending like two hours on the couch between both of my host parents with my computer sitting there helping me and "perfecting" it ;) i still have an hour or more to go with writing more things and making a few more slides, but then the goal is to practice practice practice this weekend so i can pronounce all this nonsense a little better. dutch can be a mouthful eh! but now i'm going to go to sleep...tired tired tired! thanks for reading! and whoops...happy one day late 37 weeks in belgium to me!

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