Saturday, May 14, 2011


hello! ahh, stupid stupid blog! couldn't write anything about yesterday because the blogging website was down, how sad is that!? my last few days of writing and all the sudden BAM...i try to log on as usual and start writing and it pops up and says sorry temporary problems so yeah, i couldn't say anything. but i'll sum up what i did yesterday now then. lets see, last thursday in belgium. i...slept in, like a ton. till sometime after 11, haha! then i made myself some chicken noodle soup (that i still had from boxes my mom sent me) for lunch and then went the whole afternoon to school. i did of course basically nothing in school but i'm really getting into my new book that im reading..water for elephants, actually its a movie thats out not but i refuse to see the movie before im finished with the book :) its always risky to do it the other way around. other than that, i don't think there was much exciting yesterday that i can remember. i took a picture of my school yesterday, because that was actually my last time at here it is, folks. the front of my belgian school.
het heilig graf...the holy grave. hahah yes that is THE NAME of the school. i'd say its properly named. i have lots of good, bad, weird, interesting, and funny memories from that place. as with everything, i shall try to take the best from it and remember the good things. the glass is half empty, or half full. i'm leaving belgium, and going back to america. or, i'm going back to america, and leaving belgium. its not the going home part or the being here part that really matters, in fact it doesnt matter where i might go for the rest of my life. its all what i make of what i've experienced. take the positive, appreciate the adventure, and don't forget the good memories :) gee i sure know how to RAMBLE! who did i inherit that from? or is that just a special jamie trait because i dont really know anyone in my family who rambles/writes garbage like i can. buuuut yes. that was yesterday. now on to, TODAY! happy friday the 13th, weird. i'm going to blame the fact that its friday the 13th on the blog not working yesterday. but today! friday! last friday here. ah that is SO CRAZY to say. its already the weekend. and the days keep going faster. this morning my host mom helped me close my belgian bank account. i have some euro's left and i'm not sure what the smartest way would be to change them back into dollars..because i've pretty much decided shopping is just a bad idea. nonetheless, i did end up buying a new scarf and dress today. not important :p haha they cant just give me CASH back and expect me not to spend it. oh well! so then i went to dutch class for the last time. it was an interesting last time. we all had to grab a newspaper and read an article and say what it was about. i picked an article about how the belgian youth thinks the sexual consent age is too high, haha that makes for an awkward class. oh well. the teacher liked how i provoked discussion though i think. our class never talks. they also never do their homework. that makes for a frustrated teacher, haha. so that is done forever then! i've learned a lot in dutch class, i really have. i'm thankful i did it. afterwards, i went with manuella to find a nice place to eat my last "smoske" here. its like the belgian version of a sub sandwich, only way better and on a baguette with tons of veggies and things. here's how cute we are!
and here's the cute place we went. like a circus looking thing! a fun house, haha. it stayed sunny most of the time as we sat outside even with some clouds in the air...
and last but not least, the sandwich. I WILL SURELY MISS THIS.
so that was nice. then we shopped a little bit, because thats what girls do. and eventually i came home and didnt do much. i went to the grocery store with my host mom and sister to get things to make dessert for tomorrow! i'm going to experiment making "dessert cups" so like mini versions of big things like tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. and my host moms making chocolate mousse too...hip hip hooray for food! oh speaking of food (really thats all i ever talk about now isnt it...) tonight for dinner it was..SUSHI! ah! i have always and will always have an extremely weak stomach when it comes to looking at things like...raw fish. even if a steak is too red in the middle it freaks me out. even knowing that there are raw eggs in something like chocolate mousse (no matter how good it tastes) still freaks me out. why am i such a baby! so anyways, it was a pretty platter...
but i ate a waffle and a banana instead, tehehe. good thing i didnt go to japan otherwise i'd be soooo skinny by now! or i'd finally get used to eating weird raw things. one or the other. after that we went to a concert tonight! a flemish singer lady named Eva DE Roovere. it was good but sort of short!
it was nice to do something and see some music, and the drummer with his hippy hair wasnt bad looking either. nice of my family to take me!! on the way back i was walking with my host mom as she was biking then i felt bad that she had to go slow so i just ran the whole way home. it was funny. just running down the belgian streets in a dress and sandals. reminds me of the time i ran in brussels with a beer in my hand to catch the train. hahaha oh belgium, thank you for the memories. so thats all for tonight! three or maybe four more blog posts...which im sure will become more because i'll have afterthoughts i will like to jot down. so thanks for reading! have a nice rest of your day :)

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