Sunday, May 1, 2011


hey reader! happy day 256 in belgium to me! and happy reading to you! soooo another busy, decent weathered (that cant be correctly said, is it?) day here! this morning i got up early and went to a rotary/exchange student thing. it was actually a meeting for the outbounds (people who are leaving) for next year, but a few of us that are here and a few who are already back for a year or so now came with as well for "extra information" and whatnot. truth be told, one girl talked a lot about her experience in colombia, the councilors talked, and the rest of us sort of sat there waiting for it to be lunch time. well eventually it was lunch time, then we ate sandwiches and came back home. exciting eh? actually, i said one thing as they were talking about the rules (5 Ds)..they were like, in america you cant drink till you're 18. and i was no thats wrong, its strictly 21. nobody believes me! because everybody here does it from like..12. whatever. but its cool to see the people that are going places and stuff! i remember doing that last year. an exchange year is such an exciting and sometimes stressful and long process to prepare for! its not like you just hop on a plane and leave. there's the plane tickets, visa, host families, school, blah blah blah. rotary does a good job figuring most of it out, but for the record...applying for a visa SUCKS. ok enough negativity. off subject rambling tends to be my specialty. after that i came home, sat outside for a solid 10 minutes, then went and got ready for the night already! tonight i went with my host parents, brother and sister to an opera in antwerp! it was awesome! it was from a flemish opera company that my host sister is interning at. it was in a really pretty hall...

and it was in GERMAN! with dutch subtitles on a board thing. between that and the english overview in the program, i could pretty much follow all of it. lots of..opera singing! haha. but the orchestra was suuuper good, and the stage was this double circular turning thing that we got to go back and see after the show. anyways, it was really nice of them to take me with and i'm very glad i got to see it! i think my favorite part of today was when we got home around midnight (the opera was 4 hours long!) and still were a little we just start eating WAFFLES! haha belgium is awesome. thanks for reading, goodnight!

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