Wednesday, May 4, 2011


wow, another day another blog. it seems like days are going faster and faster now. hard to imagine that two weeks from now (this exact moment as im writing this, actually..if all goes well that is) i'll be arriving in the sioux falls airport and going back to my life as i knew it at home. like i said before, i'm trying not to count down..but look how fast it's all gone. here i was 9 months ago, writing my first few blog posts that said the same exact things as now only in reverse. laying in my own bed again, still having to pack my suitcases, another adventure in my journey of life. every day is an adventure if you make it one! home will always be home, belgium will always be belgium. 259 days in belgium, and 2 weeks left. crazy. so enough of that nonsense, more about today! this morning i (reluctantly) went to dutch class..and we had a test. LOVELY.(not). actually it wasnt that bad! the class complained a lot though, because we went on a walk around town for like an hour then we had to come back and write about it using the past tense. i found it easy, and a walking was sort of refreshing although it was really windy. but some people were just party poopers! so hopefully i will get my test back tomorrow and let you know how i did. i think it was my last test in dutch class, ah! after that i didn't do much. i came home, because there was no rotary today. usually when there's a rotary meeting it lasts forever and then i go to school for like one class or not at all, because every other tuesday they don't have a last lesson. but when i got home i wasn't that hungry yet, because im sort of sick of bread and it's cold outside. host mom showed me how to make soup! actually, i asked her what to do and then experimented myself. its really common (or from what i can tell it is..) to always have soup here. before dinner, after school, lunch..or whatever. but its not like chicken noodle soup, its like..freshly made vegetable soup. i remember my first host mom made really amazing pumpkin soup..ahh tasty! basically what you do is..take every vegetable from the veggie drawer in the fridge, wash them and slice them then put them in a soup pot on the stove..fry them a little then boil them for a while in water, add some bouillon then MIX IT ALL TOGETHER with a crazy soup mixer thing that makes it like baby food. actually, it tastes really good, and its relatively healthy as well. but what was unhealthy was eating cookies as i came home around midnight tonight...whoops? am i really going to try and study nutrition next year? haha! i'll work on that this summer maybe...or not. anyways! tonight my host mom and brother and i went to a really funny play! my was-going-to-be third host dad (but now i leave in may..) was in it and it was about a guy who found a suitcase full of money. parts of it were sort of hard to understand because they were speaking a flat ugly dialect of dutch from Turnhout. it's funny to hear but its really mumble-y so if i didn't listen hard enough then i didn't catch some jokes, but overall it was cool! what else for today...i decided to try washing my hair with bottled water, because i'm soooo sick of hard water here. it really didn't make a big difference, just a nice way to waste a couple euro's on a bottle of Evian. apparently the movie stars do it when they're on vacation, or so google says anyways. what i did notice though is that my hair is already getting longer..they may have weird water here, but now it grows like crazy. see!
but like i said. everything will be weird when i go back home. water, language, people, weather, absolutely everything. hmmmmm. love you all, thanks for reading!

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